Every brand goes through a rough patch, and the comedic geniuses of the world's most esteemed comedy troupe are no exception. Monty Python's social media presence was significantly hindering their fans from being able to interact with their beloved media. Instagram was a major platform that Monty Python wasn't participating on. We created an Instagram account and calendar of content in order to revitalize their image by highlighting the "life and death" of Monty Python. In order to celebrate their first performance, we presented Monty Python's Flying Circus episode 1 through Facebook Live. In addition to the Instagram account, we also created a Snapchat account for Monty Python. A unique scan-able Snapcode gif was made in order to distinguish the brand from "look-alike" accounts. Two Snapchat/Instagram stories were developed to encourage fans to purchase "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "Monty Python's Life of Brian" through the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Copywriter: Ryan Vent

Instagram Timeline Demo


Instagram Timeline


Instagram Posts


Silly Walks Gif


Cross-Platform Facebook Live Announcement gif


We wanted to create an ad that could be submitted across several platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to announce the Facebook Livestream of Monty Python's Flying Circus season 1 episode 1.




Using OBS Studio, we were able to import the full episode into the program and apply per-recorded graphic elements to the beginning of the experience to gather a buzz before the presentation began. During the viewing, we are able to ask questions and respond to views comments in real time using two workstations. OBS Studio streamed directly to the Facebook Live Platform without having to use a mobile or desktop camera.


Snapchat Snapcode



Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram Story


Originally designed as Snapchat and Instagram stories, these two ads can also be displayed as a video on Facebook as well.