In 1964, A Charlie Brown Christmas was presented on TV screens for the first time. For over 50 years the classic story and characters have captivated audiences of all ages. With the popularity of the recent Peanuts Movie, ABC wanted to reinvigorate their library of Peanuts specials for a new generation. In collaboration with the Peanuts team, an Instagram timeline was created to promote a Facebook Live presentation of A Charlie Brown Christmas. The 12 Days of A Charlie Brown Christmas tells the special's story in short hand to motivate audiences to watch the full special through the Facebook Live platform. In producing more specials and content through the Live platform, ABC hopes to engage their audience on both the TV and mobile screens.

Copywriter: Marlee Ingham



Using OBS Studio, ABC was able to broadcast A Charlie Brown Christmas to a new generation of users through Facebook Live without them having to watch the special on TV.


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